BCS Bummer

bcs.jpgBefore I begin, let me first offer a disclaimer: 

I’m a supporter of the BCS.  I think it’s the reason college football has the most interesting regular season in all of sports. I think it’s the best solution for keeping the bowl system intact while crowning a national champion at the same time (with the exception of a “plus one” format, which is hopefully the next evolution of the system). And I think the BCS almost always gives us the best championship game between the best two teams based on a whole season’s body of work. 

Is the system perfect? No. Does it always get it right? No. But, in my humble opinion, the conversation it generates among sports enthusiasts every fall/winter is healthy — and a big reason why college football’s popularity has surged over the past few years.

Even so, I’ll be the first to admit that the BCS has been a major disappointment this year. Not because the system gave us the wrong teams for the national championship game — I believe that Ohio State and LSU are the two most deserving teams for that game (although, I would like to see what USC and Georgia would do if given a shot) . In fact, I believe the system worked the way it was designed to (with the exception of Missouri being left out of the mix…clearly a mistake). 

The BCS is a disappointment this year because, for the first time ever, it gave us a slate of games that can be described as anticlimactic at best — especially coming on the heels of one of the most exciting regular seasons in recent history. Week-in and week-out, we watched thrilling upsets, memorable finishes and oustanding performances. The logical conclusion is that such a season would finish with a mouth-watering slate of bowl games…and up until yesterday afternoon, that’s exactly what we had. Michigan’s thriller against Florida, Texas Tech’s last second upset of Virginia, Purdue’s last second field goal against Central Michigan, etc.

But then came the BCS games.  First, a USC dismantling of Illinois, followed by a Georgia demolishing of Hawaii.  Tonight, we will watch Oklahoma and West Virginia in the Fiesta Bowl, followed by Thursday’s matchup featuring Kansas and Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl.  Both of those BCS games have the potential to be as uninspiring as the first two. If yesterday was any indication of what is to come, then wake me up when it’s over. 

How disappointing for the BCS — the system that is supposed to give us the main course of the bowl season, not the leftovers. At least Monday’s game will produce an intriguing matchup of LSU and Ohio State. Until then, I’m afraid I’ll continue to be bummed with the BCS — an unfortunate finish to an unbelievable season.


~ by ahalperin on January 2, 2008.

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